Corali Modules - Rotating Platform, Stacker, Corner Cutter, Turnover Device

Corali Modules - Nail Presser, Branding, Spray Painting, Labeling

Wood Pallet Manufacturing Equipment

Fully automated   *  High speed   *   Stores pre-positioned nails for faster firing

Wood Box and Cable Drum Manufacturing Equipment

Automatic Cable Drum Flange Nailing and Production Lines

Corali Stringer Pallets and Nailing Features

Corali Group Corporate Office

Bergamo, Italy

Corali IBC Pallet Making

Corali Fully Automatic Block and Stringer Pallet Lines and Clinching for Decks

Corali Modules - Block Cutter, Block Feeder, Board Feeder, Chamfering, Ski Feeder

Corali CP7 Pallet Making

Corali Robots

Premier Pallet Making Machinery since 1957

Nailing machines for decks, stringer pallets, block pallets, CP7, IBC and more; and an array of modules to customize your production line to enhance productivity, speed and customization as you want it, when you want it.  Modules include:  Stacking with Vacuum, Grip or Turnover, Unstackers, Board Feeders, Turnover Devices, Rotating Platforms, Trimming, Nail Pressers, Chamfering, Corner Cutting, Branding, Labeling, Spray Painting and Drying Units, Block Cutting, Block Introducers, 90˚ Deflectors, Robots, Strappers and More! Highly flexible, complete production lines for all budgets.