Premier Pallet Making Machinery

Corali Fully Automatic Block and Stringer Pallet Lines and Clinching for Decks

Corali Modules - Rotating Platform, Stacker, Corner Cutter, Turnover Device

Corali Modules - Nail Presser, Branding, Spray Painting, Labeling

Corali -Wood Pallet, Wood Box And Cable Drum Manufacturing Equipment

Fully automated   *  High speed   *   Stores pre-positioned nails for faster firing

Corali IBC Pallet Making

Corali Group Corporate Office

Bergamo, Italy

Corali Robots

Corali Modules - Block Cutter, Block Feeder, Board Feeder, Chamfering, Ski Feeder

Corali Stringer Pallets and Nailing Features

Automatic Cable Drum Flange Nailing and Production Lines

Corali CP7 Pallet Making