Ligna 2017 - Hannover, Germany - USA Group with Mrs. Corali

Member Western Pallet Association


Member Canadian Wood Pallet & Container Association

Nature's Packaging

Italian, state of the art, versatile and a total solution, custom-designed for your plant and applications since 1957.

Providing the premier wood pallet, wood box and wood cable drum manufacturing equipment to the U.S. and Canada.

Canadian Wood Pallet & Container Assn.

Corali Group

Pallet, crate, wooden box and cable drum manufacturing equipment

National Wooden Pallet & Container Assn.

Gazzella Atlantique

Economic solutions for block cutting, assembly and finishing; formerly Sodeme, and the leader in France. 


 Europe's premier manufacturer of pallet making equipment for the past 60 years, is now available in the U.S. and Canada.

European Manufactured, Cincinnati Based 

Western Pallet Association
You'll Need One of These to Keep of with a Corali


2018 NWPCA Annual Leadership Conference - Ft. Lauderdale